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Oluseyi Soyege win US laurel at the San Antonio Art League & Museum in Texas

Oluseyi Soyege, the Nigerian artist, has won a laurel at the San Antonio Art League & Museum in Texas.  The museum, whose works are acclaimed to span 5,000 years of global culture, held its 93rd juried art exhibition.

Soyege’s fabric collage artwork titled “A Peek Into the Future” won one of the six awards given to artist entries.

“A Peek Into the Future” is a fabric collage with newspapers depicting a child imagining his rich future self.

It was selected out of the 552 entries submitted by over 200 competing artists.

Soyege’s works adorn hotels, schools, cinemas, and individual homes across Nigeria, Africa, the UK, and the US.

The artist is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology in Lagos where he started making sculptures and paintings.

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Nigerian artist Oluseyi Soyege beats over 500 entries to win US laurel

Nigerian artist, Oluseyi Soyege, wins another top U.S. laurel

 Nigerian Artist, Oluseyi Soyege, Wins Another Top U.S. Laurel


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